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The Brownfield Coalition of the Northeast (BCONE) Expansion Committees provide members with the opportunity to network with other brownfield professionals in their state and develop trainings and events that are beneficial to the local area. BCONE relies on its chapters to carry out its mission on a local level.

For 2024, Expansion Committees are being asked to hold:

  • Quarterly Regulatory Updates 
  • Quarterly Hot Topic Updates 
  • Networking Events
  • One (1) Scholarship Fund Event
Committee Chairs will be contacted to schedule dates for virtual events. Please consult the Steps to Planning a Successful Event page for specific details and to submit the form for your proposed event.

General Event Details

Events are an integral part of BCONE's engagement and outreach efforts, with the potential to attract new members, foster loyalty among existing members, and generate revenue for the organization. Through events, we are able to showcase our services, highlight our members and sponsors, and demonstrate the value that our organization brings.

Planning for both virtual and in-person events should begin at least 3 months in advance in order to ensure that everything is taken care of and nothing falls through the cracks. These 3 months will give you time to manage the necessary details, from finding a venue to securing sponsors. This will also provide ample lead time to promote the event, giving people enough opportunity to register and allowing sponsors to gain maximum exposure.

Taking the time to plan ahead is always a good idea and will help ensure that your event is a success!

Event Reference Information

  1. Event planning should begin at least 3 months prior to the proposed event date.
  2. There must be at least 6 weeks lead time for an event to be approved and added to the calendar.
  3. When submitting an event for approval, it is recommended that sponsors be secured in advance.
  4. Events should be profitable. Each event should raise at least $750.00 in sponsorship to cover BCONE administrative costs. Sponsorships must be secured and paid for prior to the 6-week marketing deadline. Logos for unpaid sponsors will not be included in marketing materials.
  5. All events will undergo a 2-week review process to ensure sufficient registration numbers.
  6. All events will have at least 6 weeks of marketing from BCONE. 

Click here to start the process of planning your event.

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Brownfield Coalition of the Northeast is a nonprofit organization 501(C)(3) and all gifts are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
Every contributor to our Organization is recommended to consult their tax advisor for further information.

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