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Call for Poster Sessions

Submission Form: NSCW 2019 - Poster Session Registration

The poster session affords individuals attending NSCW 2019 to promote a specific topic, project, community interaction or success stories that can be state centric.  This provides a platform to present work outside of the conference panels to showcase the wide variety of work that supports brownfield remediation and reuse.

The following information is requested on the Form for the Poster Submission: 

    • Poster Topic Area,
    • Company and/or Organization,
    • Project or Subject Matter Location

The following Poster Topics Areas are outlined below: 

Topic 1: Designing Healthy, Resilient, and Sustainable Communities 

Tell us about how you are advancing sustainability in communities. We want to hear from planners, architects, public health officials, and other experts on how to build our towns and communities more sustainably.  How are you promoting transit-oriented development and building communities that are more resilient to climate change and other environmental issues. 

Topic 2: A Greener Path  

Share your experiences with brownfields assessments, demolitions, cleanups, and redevelopment that incorporate aspects of “greening” that address environmental challenges. 

Topic 3:  Leveraging Financing to Spur Brownfields Redevelopment and Community Economic Development  

Share your success stories with finding funds to pay for Brownfields revitalization projects.  How did you move brownfields projects forward by overcoming funding challenges with creative money solutions (e.g., finding investors, leveraging public/private financing, tax incentives, insurance options, banking, etc.).  Talk to us about the role of public private partnerships, the role of partnerships in meeting funding needs, managing risk in the course of real estate transactions, use of tax credits or other incentives.

Topic 4:  Reuse Success Stories 

Share your success stories in reusing brownfields for housing, manufacturing, mixed use, commercial development, urban agriculture, green space, and other alternatives.  Discuss temporary and interim uses for brownfields and tell us what advantages interim uses provide for community revitalization and neighborhood engagement. 

Topic 5:    Re-Powering the Region

Enlighten us with stories of cleanup and reuse for solar, wind, geothermal and other renewable energy projects.  Lead us in a discussion of best practices, lessons learned, and power communities for the 21st century.

Topic 6:  Engaging the Local Community 

Share your stories about engaging and involving the local community using workforce development and job training, historic structures, cultural heritage, the arts community, faith-based organizations, community gardens, environmental justice, gentrification, and displacement.

Topic 7:  Forging Partnerships 

Submit your stories of brownfields partnerships that are structured to ensure successful remediation or reuse.  Tell us your best strategies for working at all levels of government to meet community revitalization challenges or how to form partnerships among levels of government to ensure success.

Topic 8: Addressing Liability, Enforcement, and Technical Challenges 

Engage us in conversation about overcoming legal challenges, contamination issues, engineering considerations, and potential future liabilities of the brownfield redevelopment process.  

Milestone Dates

March 22, 2019Poster submission due date (deadline extended)
April 12, 2019BCONE NSCW Confirm Poster Acceptance (deadline extended)
May 3, 2019Electronic visual of Poster submission. Special A/V requests due to Conference Organizer, Tiesha Green, nscw2019@gmail.com
June 4, 2019BCONE NSCW 2019 Event

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