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What is BRIGHT™?
BRIGHT is a program of the Brownfield Coalition of the Northeast (B-CONE) designed to assist and educate municipalities, property owners, and redevelopers with issues surrounding brownfield redevelopment. BRIGHT stands for Brownfield Redevelopment Implementation and Guidance Help Team.    

What is the goal of BRIGHT™?
The objective is to provide education on the benefits of brownfield redevelopment and to increase the awareness of the various programs available for brownfield redevelopment projects. An additional goal is to alert project stakeholders that the B-CONEis a knowledgeable and reliable resource for project information. The overall goal is to remove barriers to redevelopment and move projects forward.

Who can participate in BRIGHT™?
BCONE members and all New Jersey municipalities or governmental agencies are eligible to participate in BRIGHT.

The BRIGHT™ Team will be comprised of BCONE NJ Chapter members with expertise in the various areas involved in the brownfield redevelopment process. BRIGHTTEAM members will be selected based upon knowledge of the project area, municipality, and specific project-related issues. The Team may include real estate professionals, land use planners and engineers, environmental professionals, redevelopment and real estate attorneys, environmental regulators, risk management professionals, banking or finance professionals, land developers, community outreach/public relations professionals, and others deemed necessary based upon project specifics.   

What Projects are eligible?
BRIGHT™ projects will be selected by the B-CONE NJ Executive Committee. Selection is based on criteria, such as, complexity of environmental issues, redevelopment stage of project, optimum development potential, site’s integration with existing economic development initiatives, potential site end use, real estate market conditions, project schedule, and other factors. The selected Participant will be asked to enter into an agreement with the Chapter, which will outline the services to be provided as well as required terms and conditions.

What is a typical BRIGHT™ project schedule? 
A typical project will entail a multi-month process of education, information gathering, and informal discussions.  An initial meeting will be held with selected Participants to discuss the general aspects of the project. Following this meeting, additional information will be obtained regarding the specific project and a follow-up meeting will be schedule approximately one to two months after the initial meeting. Following the second meeting, the municipality, property owner, or redeveloper should have sufficient information to determine project feasibility and available resources.

What steps are required to participate?
It’s simple. Just Sue Boyle of BCONE at sboyle@geiconsultants.com. Ms. Boyle will contact you to discuss your project and provide you with the necessary materials to get started.

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